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In Bed with the Exotic EnemyDaniela Gioseffi has published ten books from major presses and won several litearary awards, among them, The American Book Award and The PEN Syndicated Fiction Award. Born in Orange, NJ, she has lived in New York City for over 30 years. Daniela is the editor of Wise Women's Web, an electroic literary magazine of women's writings . Her first novel, The Great American Belly, appeared from Doubleday/Dell and New English Library and was optioned for a screenplay for Warners Bros. by Pultizer Prize winning author, Michael Christofer. Her fiction has appeared in numerous literary magazines and anthologies, among them Prairie Schooner, The Paris Review, VIA and Kaliedescope: Stories of the American Experience from Oxford University Press. She has published collections of her own poetry as well as prize winning anthologies with Touchstone/Simon & Schuster and Anchor/Doubleday. She has read her poetry and fiction throughout the USA and Europe and appeared on National Public Radio and the BBC among other radio & TV stations.

In Bed with the Exotic Enemy: ISBN 1-888105-17-8. Avisson Press, Box 38816, Greensboro North Carolina, 27348. Order at any book store. [Cover illustration & design by Thea Kearney.]

What the critics are saying about In Bed with the Exotic Enemy: Stories & Novella:

"....Gioseffi brings together pieces that center on outsiders, race relations or female sexuality. One group of stories deals with the problems of immigrants assimilating to the U.S. Some stories border on magical realism.. ...Gioseffi's hard hitting and guileless prose sometimes adds mystery.... readers interested in the politically disempowered confronting exploitation and finally having their say will find satisfaction in these tales." -- Kevin Grandfield, BOOKLIST.

"....This diverse and sometimes disturbing collection is not for the faint-hearted. The stories never paint a rose-colored picture of the world, and nothing seems to be neartly tied up with a pretty bow for the characters.... That is the beauty and strength of Gioseffi's work. Her words are not only engaging, but also present and true and in some cases firsthand insights into people and events that shaped this country...." -- Elana Frankel INDEPENDENT PUBLISHING

"....a well meaning collection... Gioseffi, known primarily as a poet, summons forth lyrical prose....Both Rosa in Television Land and Donatuccio Goes to School in America focus on Italian-American immigrants and assert the superiority of some old world values..." -- PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

"Gioseffi is an engaging writer filled with energy, humor and good spirits...irresistible writing....the pace never slakens...." -- Larry McMurtry, National Book Award Winner & Pulitzer Prize Winner, on Daniela's first Doubleday novel in THE WASHINGTON POST.

"....One of our finest new writers. Her work overflows with poetic vision, but nothing is ever pretentious or done for effect...." -- Nona Balakian, Staff Reviewer, THE NEW YORK TIMES, writing about Daniela's first book.

"Most original and imaginative work!" -- Emile Copouya, Former Literary Editor THE NATION.

"Animated and voluptuous. Her writing is mythopoeic." -- Mary Pradt, LIBRARY JOURNAL

"Lyric eloquence and a convincing stance are hallmarks of her writing. Most impressive is this writer's ability to make comprehensive the dual complexities of heart and body." -- G.E. Murray, THE CHICAGO SUN TIMES

"An excellent reader and speaker!" -- Brian Leher, NYC, NPR & PBS.

For appearances or information or wholesale copies: E-mail daniela@garden.net

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