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The Bordighera Poetry Prize

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Contemporary Italian American Writing
The Bordighera Poetry Prize:
Guidelines for the Competition

An Annual Book Publication Poetry Prize,
Sponsored by The Sonia Raiziss-Giop Foundation
Offering a $2,000 prize
See Judges and former winners scroll down page.

The prize, consisting of book publication in bilingual edition by Bordighera Press <> is dedicated to finding the best manuscripts of poetry in English by an American poet of Italian descent and surname or middle maiden surname, to be translated upon selection by the judges into quality translations of modern Italian, for the benefit of American poets of Italian ancestry and the preservation of the Italian language. Each winning manuscript will be awarded a cash prize of $1,000 to the winning poet and $1,000 for a commisioned translator. The poet must be a U.S. Citizen, but the translator may be an Italian native speaker, not necessarily a U.S. citizen. The poet may translate his/her own work if bilingually qualified. Submission may be made in English or bilingually with English followed by Italian mss.The poet may use an Italian maiden or middle name, but the manuscript must be published with at least a middle or surname identifying the author as of Italian heritage, as the purpose of the prize is to promote Italian names in American poetry. The winner must use his or her Italian name in mentioning the Bordighera Prize in his or her biographical note to honor our Italian heritage and the benefactor of the prize. The mss. need NOT contain poems having to do with Italian American culture, but should contain quality poetry on universal themes common to all peoples.

The poet should submit TWO COPIES of 10 sample pages of poetry in English on any theme. Quality poetry in any style is sought. Universal themes are welcome. The final book manuscript length should not exceed 48 pages since, including translations, the published, bilingual book will be 96 pages in length. To give the translator time to complete the work, the entire winning manuscript will not be due for at least 6 months after selection of the winner.

The 10 sample pages of poems in English should be on white 8 1/2 by ll paper, clearly typed and photocopied and submitted in duplicate mss. (Single-spaced except between stanzas with no more than one poem to a page, though a poem may run on to more than one page.) Be sure to label all pages with titles of poems and number them from 1 to 10.
The applicant's name should NOT appear on any poetry pages. Staple the ten anonymous sample pages securely together and attach a cover page to the front of each of TWO duplicate mss. with name, address, telephone, e-mail if applicable, of the author, plus a biographical note. The remainder of the ms. MUST be anonymous. Poems may have appeared in magazines, anthologies or chapbooks. Include acknowledgements at the bottom of the cover page ONLY.

If poems have already been translated into modern Italian, submission of a bilingual sample is encouraged making a 20 page sample with a translation page following each English page. Include name and biographical note of translator on the cover pages. NO GRAPHICS! Be sure to include 2 anonymous copies of 10 pages each (20 if with translations) 2 cover sheets attached to each with name, address, e-mail, bio. note, phone, and any acknowledgements. Include an SASE, biz-size, return-addressed envelope and return addressed POSTCARD for acknowldgement of receipt. Mss. are recycled, not returned!

Manuscripts are judged anonymously. No entry fee!

Distinguished Poet Judge 2013- 2014: Lia Purpura

*Past Judges:
Felix Stefanile, W.S. DiPiero, Dorothy Barresi,
Donna Masini,
Daniela Gioseffi, Michael Palma
Patricia Fargnoli Paul Mariani

* Applicants should retain copies. Submission will not be returned.
Entries must be postmarked by May 31st yearly and may be submitted between Jan 1st and May 31st annually.

Winners are announced in September, yearly.
Awards reception/ reading is in Nov.

  • Mail To: " Bordighera Poetry Prize"
  • Bordighera Press, Inc.
  • c/o John D. Calandra Italian American Institute
  • Daniela Gioseffi, Founding Director
  • City University of New York, Graduate Center
    25 West 43rd St. 17th Flr.
    New York, N.Y. 10036

Commissioned Translators: Joseph Alessia |
Emanuel di Pasquale
Luigi Fontanella
| Luigi Bonaffini |
Ned Condini |
Elisa Biagini | Franco Nasi | Maria Enrico,
Sabine Pascarelli
| Paolo Ruffilli | Ambra Meda

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