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The Bordighera Poetry Prize

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Contemporary Italian American Writing

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Please be advised: the Bordighera Poetry Prize Is Discontinued, Past Winners will Remain Archived Here:
*Joelle Biele LAST Winner 2013 Bordighera Poetry Prize
*Maria Frasca, First Runner-Up, 2013
*Lia Purpura, Distinguished Poet Judge 2013-2014
*Joanne Monte Winner 2012 Bordighera Poetry Prize
*Paul Mariani, Distinguished Poet Judge 2011-2012

*Editorial by Daniela Gioseffi: What Would Your Dead Immigrant Father
Say about "The World According to Tony Saprano?" plus
Letters to the Editor in Response.
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About the NEW Documentary Film by Chris Felver
2 poems by Ferlingetti: The Old Italians Dying, Dove sta amore

* Santo L. Aricò: Review: Oriana Fallaci's Rage & Pride

*John Ortenzio Bargowski Winner 2011 Bordighera Prize

* Dorothy Barresi: Poems by Bordighera Judge 2001-02

* Helen Barolini: The Way of the World: An Essay

*Dennis Barone: 5 Poems from Parellel Lines

* Ned Condini: Spirit of Manattan, Brooding in Jacob's Room...

* Louisa Calio: Poems: Come Eat My Roses, Eritria...

* Matthew M Cariello: Winner 2010 Bordighera Prize

*Grace Cavalieri: Winner 2005 Bordighera Prize

* Peter Covino: Poems from Cut Off the Ears of Winter

* Paola Corso, First Runner-up 2003 - 2004 Bordighera Prize

*Carla Panciera: Winner 2009 Bordighera Poetry Prize

*Matthew M. Cariello: Winner 2010 Bordighera Prize

* Edward Cifelli: "Poet: John Ciardi," by his biographer

*Gary Ciocco: 1st Runner-up 2007 Bordighera Poetry Prize

* Alfredo de Palchi: De Palchi by Daniela Gioseffi

* Emanuel di Pasquale: Poems/trnsltns: Carlo della Corte

* W.S. Di Piero: Judge of the Bordighera Prize, 2001

* Gil Fagianni: 3 Time finalist for the Bordighera Prize.

* Maria Fama: I Cry All The Time & In Love ....

*Lawrence Ferlinghetti: About Felver's Docu. Film & Two Poems

*Emily Ferrara: Winner 2006 Bordighera Poetry Prize

*Barbara Fragoletti-Hoffman: 1st Runner-Up '08 Bordighera Prize:

*Marisa Frasca: Three Sample Poems

* Luigi Fontanella: Poems tr. by Michael Palma

* Margot Fortunato-Galt: Poems from The Annunciation

* Mary Giaimo: For Jessica, Between Continents....

*Daniela Gioseffi: Going On & Word Wounds, Blood Autumn

* Ian Gioseffi: Poems and Porcelain Clay Sculpture

* Fred Gardaphe: Selected episodes: Living with the Dead

*Carolyn Gunizio: Winner 2004 Bordighera Poetry Prize

*Gerry LaFemina : Winner 2003 Bordighera Poetry Prize

*Tony Magistrale: Winner 2007 Bordighera Poetry Prize

* Mary Ann Mannino: ....Empowerment for Women

* Donna Masini: Poems from That Kind of Danger

* Stephen Massimilla: 2001 Bordighera Poetry Prize

* Anthony S. Maulucci: To My Daughter and other poems.

* Maria Mazziotti Gillan: Poems & Italo- Am. Writers on NJ

*Fred Misurella: A Man of His Times from Lies to Live By

* Michael Palma: Poems from: A Fortune in Gold

* Michael Parenti: The Blessings of Private Enterprise

* Carolyn & Vito DeSimone: Annual Poets Piazza at Hofstra

* Luisa Rossina Villani: 2000: Bordighera Poetry Prize

* Felix Stefanile: Poems from The Country of Absence

*Joe Salerno: Poems: Song of the Tulip Tree, Prize 1999

*Aldo Tambellini: From Collected Poems 1946-03 & Letter

*Anthony J Tamburri: La Storia of Bordighera Press.

* Jane Tassi: 2002 Winner Bordighera Poetry Prize

* Renata Treitel: Poems: Bordighera 2001 Runner-Up

* Lewis Turco: A Book of Fears, Bordighera Prize, 1998

*Joseph Tusiani: The Return, Ethnicity, New York Revisited

* Juliet Ucelli: On Sacco and Vanzetti, 75th Anniversary

*Paolo Valesio: Selected Poems translated by Graziella Sidoli

*Robert Viscusi: Poems from A New Geography of Time

* Italian American & Italian Links

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