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Women On War

Women On WarA timely collection by a brilliant assemblage of writers reveals women's unique perspectives on war WOMEN ON WAR: American Book Award Winner 1990, in an all new edition from The Feminist Press, New York City, 2003.

Edited and with an Introduction by Daniela Gioseffi, Pub. Date: March 2003

For courses in human rights, history of social movements, peace studies, world history, women's history, women's literature, women's studies.

Seldom has literature more earnestly argued for world peace than in this international anthology, an eloquent response to global violence that features the work of more than 200 women-social scientists, journalists, novelist, poets, essayists and ordinary citizens. Women on War allows the reader to open to almost any page and capture a brief yet concise historical episode, a poem or an excerpt from a novel. This is a book one hopes will be translated into all the humankind's languages.
--Doris Jean Austin in The New York Times

A book of searing analyses and cries from the heart on the madness of war. Why is the half of humanity with a special sensitivity to the preciousness of life, the half untainted by testosterone poisoning, almost wholly unrepresented in defense establishments and peace negotiations worldwide.
--Carl Sagan, Cornell University

"An enormous and impressive work,"
--Nona Balakian, Senior Critic for the New York Times Book Review and NBCC Awards

This new edition of Daniela Gioseffi's unique and splendid collection, Women On War, is urgently needed now. Framed by Gioseffi's brilliant overview of the world's crises, these vivid and visionary writings‚ poetry, history, politics and prose‚ inspire and galvanize: save the planet, protect the people, protest, resist. This book offers the great gift of hope and understanding on every page.
--Blanche Wiesen Cook: Distinguished Professor, The Graduate Center, City University of NY. Biographer: Eleanor Roosevelt

Contributors to Women on War include: Anna Akhmatova • Daisy al-Amir • Louisa May Alcott • Claribel Alegria • Isabel Allende • Maya Angelou • Margaret Atwood • Simone de Beauvoir • Gwendolyn Brooks • Helen Caldicott • Jayne Cortez • Slavenka Drakulic • Marguerite Duras • Barbara Ehrenreich • Carolyn Forche • Emma Goldman • Nadine Gordimer • Kimiko Hahn • June Jordan • Barbara Kingsolver • Maxine Kumin • Doris Lessing • Denise Levertov • Gabriela Mistral • Robin Morgan • Toni Morrison • Grace Paley • Adrienne Rich • Muriel Rukeyser • Vandana Shiva • Wislawa Symborska • Luisa Valenzuela • Christa Wolf • and many others.

In voices that are gripping, mournful, defiant, and often surprisingly hopeful, these writers join to produce a portrait of war that has too seldom been seen, and a plea for peace that has too seldom been heard.

416 pages, paperback Available March 1, 2003 from The Feminist Press, and Amazon.com.

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